StrikeAlert - Your Personal Lightning Detector
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Product Overview
StrikeAlert HD Field - Personal Lightning Detector
StrikeAlert - Personal Lightning Detector

MSRP $359.99

The next generation of personal lightning detectors just got even better.

Built on the trusted StrikeAlert technology, the StrikeAlert HD Field adds to the functionality of our first graphical display with a new way to help keep you informed. Heat and humidity can be a dangerous combination in the outdoors, which is why knowing your heat index is crucial.

The Heat Index is a measure of how hot it really feels when relative humidity is factored in with the actual air temperature. Precautions must be taken to avoid potentially dangerous heat stress during strenuous outdoor activities. Now, with the StrikeAlert HD Field, you can stay informed about current conditions and how they measure up to the four Heat index warning levels.

The StrikeAlert HD Field is the only portable lightning detector which monitors heat stress as well as potential lightning danger. StrikeAlert HD Field measures how it really feels when relative humidity is factored with actual temperature. The easy-to-read display shows when conditions become dangerous.

Built on the trusted StrikeAlert technology, StrikeAlert HD Field is the first personal lightning detector with a graphical display that shows you the lightning strike distance (from 0 - 40 miles away) as well as a 1-hour storm trend and intensity.

Most other personal lightning detectors offer only 180° tracking, but StrikeAlert HD Field offers complete 360° tracking - in all directions, so there are no blind spots.

You can set the unit to alert you to danger with both an audible and vibrate warning. StrikeAlert HD Field achieves up to 80 hours of operation from two AA batteries.


Intuitive Graphical Display

  • Now you can visually see where your current conditions stand against the four Heat Index warning levels

Audible/Tactile Warnings

  • An audible and/or vibrate warning alerts you before (and while) lightning is within striking distance.

Low Power Consumption

  • Up to 80 hours of operation with two AA batteries

Temperature readings in Fº and Cº

  • Automatically matches user’s selection of miles or kilometers in settings

No other detector like it

  • StrikeAlert HD Field is the only portable detector to combine all these features