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Customer Reviews

I am an avid sea kayaker …

Lighting, particularly in the summer is a very real issue. There are numerous lighting detectors on the market. Not only is the device itself very important, it's the customer service that is provide that is also very important. StrikeAlert has excellent features that attracted me to it; 360 degree detection, lighting range for 0 to 40 miles, 80 hour battery life. Detection range is very important ... the four range categories enable me to take the necessary action. I one had an issue with the battery compartment not opening correctly. When I contacted customer service, without any hassle, the battery cover was replaced at no cost. When the unit stopped working and I called in, I was asked for proof of purchase, as I purchased it from somewhere else, when instructions were then told on how to send the non working unit back and a replacement would be sent! Fantastic customer service. It was never implied the issue I was having was an operator one!

John M

I bought your strike alert a couple of months ago,

because I live in a part of France where thunder storms are frequent in the summer. Last year my satellite internet system was seriously damaged by lightning with burn marks down the outside wall, and a burnt electrical socket indoors despite having lightning protection. 3km of telephone cable had to be replaced. Your little device is fantastic, now I can monitor what’s going on, and if necessary disconnect all my sensitive electronic equipment well before a storm comes - well worth the money!

David T.

I love how this StrikeAlert Personal Lightning Detector works!

I was shocked at the results and how acurate it was! It’s so easy to use and quick to learn. I was heading right into a storm and knew in an instant. AMAZING!!!! It really works!


I purchased a unit and have been using it for about 60 days

with great success. This past week-end, we attended a major outdoor music event when my StrikeAlert began to alarm. We watched the LEDs move closer and closer when we determined that the storm was rapidly approaching and as we left the stadium, the MC announced that the stadium needed to be cleared as a major storm was rapidly approaching and for the safety of the crowd, the show was being delayed.

This storm was so severe it delayed the concert for almost two hours. We made the right decision because of the unit. I am so convinced that this unit is effective and a necessity for people who are outside away from knowledge about forthcoming storms, need StrikeAlert.

Gary T.

I purchased my StrikeAlert on Father’s Day. I requested it because

I am involved in numerous outdoor activities as I’m a licensed high school official here in the state of Ohio in five sports: currently three outdoor, Football, Baseball and Fast Pitch Softball.

I was involved in a major ASA Fast-pitch Softball Tournament in Willoughby Ohio. I was using my StrikeAlert at this event when it started to let me know that a storm was approaching. The first acknowledgment was 24-40 miles then 18-24 and so on. When it sounded the warning signal all we heard was thunder off in the distance, no rain had yet started to fall. However, since the StrikeAlert was signaling me and I was the furthest field away I got all personnel off of my field and told all other fields to do the same. I will let you know with 6 fields going at the same time some coaches were complaining. However, five to ten minutes later the storm hit. We had a lighting strike that hit the light tower on field number one which not only shorted out the light system for that field but two others and the AV system for the entire facility. Also, that particular light tower was connected to the metal fencing and metal dugout for one of the teams. I feel that if we had not had your product there could have been numerous injuries and/or even fatalities.

I would recommend that all facilities get a StrikeAlert. It is a small cost for added protection for all your outdoor activities.

M. Slater

Last summer I took my StrikeAlert up to Canada with me

on a trip where we spent a week fishing for muskie in a pretty remote area. I carry a barometer with me and watch it continuously to detect incoming storms and heightened fish activity. I noticed over a day and a half the barometer was dropping… so slowly I figured it was going to slowly approach us, we’d have a little lightning, then we’d have rain for a while. Well we heard some thunder way off and we decided to go hit our honey hole before it started. We’d definitely have time to fish before this slow storm was coming in. I got out my StrikeAlert and flipped it on as we motored up the narrow tree-lined lake. We came to a 90-degree bend and we couldn’t see the skies where the storm was coming. The detector started flashing and I started to think about believing it and getting off the lake. As we went out into the more open-part of the next section of lake, we stopped and got our rain gear on and talked about heading to shore. My buddy didn't believe the unit, so we proceeded to get our gear on and were about to head to the spot when SLAM, a lightning bolt struck hard maybe 500 yards away. I ran the boat ashore as fast as I could and we sat out the storm with several deafening strikes very close by… very close.I kept the detector on and watched it religiously… it seemed the storm had passed, but it would light up again letting us know there was still danger nearby. We still couldn’t see in the direction of the storm. Finally the strikes were getting further away so we got back in the boat and fished. The detector started going again so we went into shore and sure enough 5 minutes later SLAM! another round of strikes came by. We sat it out again.

Needless to say, it may very well have saved our lives. We were at the center of this lightning. We thought it was going to be a weak and slow storm, we thought it was going to pass in one round of lightning, but we were wrong on all accounts, and StrikeAlert was correct.

Again, thanks for this device… it probably did save my life…

Matt S.

Wow! I can’t believe how quickly you responded to my question

and how fast you got the part out to me! I sure wish more businesses were as conscientious and customer oriented as you are! Thank you very much for the excellent service!

The device has been most useful, and I never go out on the water without it. I like to fish and the weather here in the North Dakota/Minnesota region can be unpredictable at times. It’s nice to have an added measure of safety, especially when I have my grand children along.

Mark C.

The referees at our rowing regatta were so impressed with the

StrikeAlert that they thought of making them standard equipment at all US Rowing regattas. I was helping at the finish line at the Midwest High School Championships and keeping the head ref posted; he called all boats in when I said, “six to twelve and headed this way.” We just made it. Had they waited till they could hear thunder, there would have been dozens of boats on the water in very dangerous conditions. No head referee should leave home without this unit.

Randolph W.

As a fishing guide, the safety of my clients is most important.

Last summer, I was fishing with two guests on a cloudy day when StrikeAlert announced that an electrical storm was over 20 miles away, yet we could not see or hear any sign of an approaching storm. StrikeAlert continued to register lightning strikes and told us the storm was heading our way. We decided to play it safe and seek shelter. Once off the water, the storm broke loose, with intense lightning and strong winds blowing over many large trees. Later, I checked my boat and all the fuses were blown. StrikeAlert probably saved our lives.

Art B.

My purchase of the StrikeAlert was prompted by something

that happened earlier one summer. We had been nearing the end of a hike on UTE trail in Rocky Mountain National Park when a storm that we did not see or hear coming popped up rapidly from the other side of the mountain we were on. We RAN the last 50 yards, without tripping or slipping on the rocks, to our car that had been parked alongside US34 in rain, wind and pea-sized hail and of course…lightning all around us. As soon as we got into the car and closed both doors – kah BAM lightning hit the very trail we had just come off of no more than 100 ft away. We got VERY lucky that day and could easily have become a statistic like those who were less fortunate last week at the exact same location. Our trusty StrikeAlert has helped to keep us out of trouble ever since it’s purchase and was well worth every dime spent.

Jim L.